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2,700 Miles
in one week

The trip started in Northern, Virginia with a map and a general destination: Quebec, Canada. No itinerary, no reservations. Eight days to wander. The best way to go! Not too many people north of Quebec City in early October...

Our path took us up through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Central and Eastern New York—and on to Quebec. From there, we visited old Quebec City, traveled east along the St. Laurent through Charlevoix, up along the Saguenay River and the fjords, and as far north as the Upper Saguenay and Lac-St. Jean.

What goes up must come down. We headed for the fall colors of New England, where we spent a day wandering around New Hampshire's White Mountains. Then south through Vermont, back through New York, and home to Virginia.

Enjoy the photos!

Trip to Quebec
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