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Upper Saguenay, Lac St. Jean

Sadly, I have no photos of the lake to show you. It rained the whole time we were in this region. The lake was, for the most part, a misty gray blur. But, we still had a great time, particularly at the Zoo Sauvage in St. Felicien. At the Zoo Sauvage, the animals roam free while the people viewing them are caged. You take a train ride through the park, which is set up to accommodate typical northern animals from Canada, such as moose, elk, and bears.

The combination of the dark, wet weather and the moving train was not conducive to obtaining good photographs. I have a lot of photos from Zoo Sauvage, but most of them are not display quality! The ones that came out best were those I took while following the "snack" man on his rounds of the animals in enclosures. The polar bear was one of my favorites. He was fat, lush, and healthy. After supping on small fish, he decided to play in his pool, quite entertaining those few of us still braving the weather to walk around the park.

Grizzly Bear I

You wouldn't want to meet this guy in a dark alley. But at a distance, this grizzly bear was quite charming, even standing up to "beg" for apples and other goodies being thrown his way by the snack man.

There were a couple of bears in the enclosure—husband and wife? Doesn't this one look like the model for the bear in Disney's Song of the South?

Grizzly Bear II

Zoo Sauvage, River

This far north, the trees are predominantly pines and aspens, which created a lovely fall mosaic of dark and light greens and yellow. This was the view from a bridge in the park.


Grizzly Bear III

Even grizzly bears pose sometimes!


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