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Charelvoix View I

The Charlevoix region east of Quebec City has to be one of the most beautiful areas I've ever visited. Around every bend of the road were spectacular vistas of the St. Lawrence and the Laurentian mountains.

The clouds were magnificent all week. Here we have the sun playing with the clouds at dusk as we ferry across the St. Lawrence to Isles aux Coudres for the night.

Isle aux Coudres


Charlevoix Farm

The colors were at their peak the beginning of October. I suspect this area had snow on the ground a couple weeks later. Here is a farm discovered while wandering down country roads in the hills that sweep up from the St. Lawrence.


19% Grade!      Along the banks of the St. Laurent

I could do a photo essay just on the cloud formations I captured on film during this trip. Great clouds, however, the photo on the left is a self-confessed failure because I was actually trying to document a sign that cautioned a 19% grade drop down to the river. It came out underexposed. We traveled up and down that hill several times for one reason or another. It was a doozy!

Picnic Tables

This is one of my personal favorites. We were searching for a place to stay on the tiny, lovely Isles aux Coudres after the spectacular ferry ride across. The sun left its last impression on a line of picnic tables before scooting down below the horizon.

We saw many moose crossing signs, but not one moose! It could have something to do with it being hunting season. At one point, we were driving along when all of a sudden, a pheasant flew over our car. To our left, a hunter jumped out of the bushes with his gun, in pursuit of the pheasant and aiming at it over our car. No wonder the moose were hiding!

Moose Crossing

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