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Italian Tiger
Regal White Bengal Tiger

Italian Peacock
Proud Italian Peacock
A couple of residents of the Bioparco, Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy. September 2007

Cardinal at snowy feeder
Cardinal in the Snow

Cardinal at a snowy feeder, Reston, Virginia, winter 2009.

Cold Feet
Cold Feet

A gaggle of geese with cold feet on Lake Audubon, Reston. Winter 2005

How's About a Kiss
How's About a Kiss?

A "tender moment" between a loving couple at a horse farm near Manassas, Virginia. Spring 2003


Deer in the back yard. Don't eat my hostas this spring, please!!

Spring Fever
Spring Fever

A frisky colt at the same Manassas horse farm. Spring 2003

Prairie Dogs at Washington National Zoo
Honey Do List

The Washington National Zoo is a great place to capture the personalities of its inhabitants on film. The prairie dogs were especially active during my last visit, and I spent quite a bit of time enjoying their antics. October 2000.


I saw at least eight bluebirds swarming the birdfeeder in my front yard, but managed to capture only four at a time. Spring 2008

On the Move

This little guy we spotted on a country road in Prince Edward County, Ontario, had his sights set on some tasty apples on the opposite side of the road. He didn't see our car as an obstacle and just went under it to cross the road. September 2008

Jellyfish in Vancouver
Dance of the Minutes

Jellyfish at the Vancouver Aquarium, October 2010.
Slide montage
Monarch on the Move
Monarch on the Move

In Loving Memory of Smokey the Cat

Smokey the Cat
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